Hi! I’m Shakiba Raki - I go by Tiny Sketch online. I’m a professional freelance Illustrator from Cardiff, Wales.From character design to landscape illustrations - my work is inspired to convey a playful, vibrant and nostalgic imagery.I primarily work digitally using Procreate on iPad.Don’t hesitate to contact if you’re interested in working together!Email - [email protected]


Zero Hour Academy (2021)

Character Design Gallery

Landscape/Concept Design Gallery

Zero Hour Academy

Zero Hour Academy - a graphic novel, written and illustrated by me. The story follows the magical adventure 4 students encounter at school once the clock strikes 12.This piece is still in progress, but I wanted to show a preview so far as it is one of my most proud projects.

Character Design Gallery

Original Character Design & Figure IllustrationsA gallery of my original character designs and figure illustrations.

Landscape / Scenery & Concept Design

A gallery showcasing my digital landscape/ scenery & concept illustrations.